The “Great Peace Maker Strikes Again   –  Obama Bombs Innocents!  The Obama Bomba!
Kills 23 children and seventeen women and 24 men — GET THIS! On suspicion.

Report: Obama Ordered US Military Strike on Yemen

ABC News is reporting the US military bombed two sites in the Middle Eastern nation of Yemen on Thursday on direct orders from President Obama. The strikes are seen as a major escalation of the Obama administration’s campaign against al-Qaeda. US officials told ABC the target of the strikes was a pair of suspected al-Qaeda training camps. A human rights activist in Yemen said twenty-three children and seventeen women were among the sixty-four people killed. Earlier this month, President Obama hinted that Yemen could soon be attacked.

Where is Yemen some would ask.  Well, it’s certainly not close to Iraq or Afghanista that’s for sure.  This attack by the USA is an act of war (a war of aggression) and is threfor a war crime.


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